Often time we are asked what Melbourne’s cheapest tree removal services.  Many people fall into the trap of thinking cheap is better.  When people are offering services at very low prices you need to be asking yourself way and proceed very cautiously.  Read on to learn more about what happened to some El Paso resident from a so called local tree removal service.

El Paso Electric officials are warning residents about a possible tree-trimming scam.

In these cases residents did not call EPE to provide the service.

El Paso police are investigating these cases and are asking anyone that may have information to call 915-212-0208.

Check out the following video:

The electric company works with Asplundh Co. to trim trees that are within 10 feet of power lines. Asplundh employees are required to wear clothing that makes them easily identifiable and must be in a vehicle with the Asplundh logo on its side.


If you have concerns about someone claiming to be a representative of EPE or a contractor, contact El Paso Electric at 915-543-5970.

Here are a few tips to avoid the scam:

Here is the most commonly reported tactic:

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Residents report being robbed in tree-trimming scamA reliable service provider is always happy to answer questions about his or her organization. EPE and its contractors will always provide contact information to verify the service, and they will wait. EPE’s tree-trimming contractors will never ask to Read more…