Trees suffer from natural diseases just as humans do and when a tree is diseased, damaged or dying remedial tree surgery works or a tree removal service are often required. A tree removal service is a necessary part of removing large, dangerous, or hard to reach trees. Tree removal service can remove old, diseased, and be dying trees on your property that are a hazard to your home and other property. Finding an accredited tree removal service can help with the labor-intensive work of safely removing your tree and performing stump removal.

Here’s a video that may give you idea on how to determine if you need an emergency tree service.

Signs That You Need Emergency Tree Service

tree removal Melbourne , emergency tree removal MelbourneIf one of the trees on your property looks anything other than healthy or sound, you may need emergency tree removal in Melbourne. Tree removal services can evaluate the state of your tree, remove damaged branches, or remove the tree altogether. To help keep you, your family, and your home safe, watch for signs that indicate you need tree removal.

Trees That May Fall

If you find that the trunk of one of your trees is hollow, the tree is a potential danger. Hollow trees can stay alive for years, but their strength is severely compromised, and they are vulnerable to falling. Trees can naturally grow at an angle, but if you notice that a tree is suddenly leaning, there is a good chance that its roots are weakened or have broken. Have a tree service expert examine the tree to determine if it is safe to leave in the ground.

Trees That Are Damaged

A good rule of thumb is that if half or more of a tree is damaged, then it presents a hazard and should be removed. A failing tree can carry on for years but may lose branches or fall, presenting a danger. Similarly, if you observe that larger branches on a tree are dead or dying, they should be cut immediately. A tree specialist will be able to tell you if the tree will continue to decline or if the dead branch was a solitary occurrence.

Other Indicators

The tree’s root system is essential to its health and stability. If you can see exposed roots that are decaying or damaged, it’s vital to have a tree expert inspect it right away to determine if the root structure, which holds the tree in place, is weakened. Large holes, significant areas of missing bark, or cracks in a tree’s trunk are warning signals that that tree is no longer structurally sound. If you have a tree that is sprouting new growth and branches on the trunk, there is a possibility that the tree is under stress and should be evaluated for removal.

Calling a professional tree removal service will help rid your property of diseased vegetation and trees, which helps to create a nurturing environment. A reputed tree removal service will be licensed and insured and they will not hesitate to show you documents such as proof of liability for damage. A good tree removal service will also save you a lot of money in various aspects.

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